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Mrs. Mat

Almost 20 years ago, Mrs. Mat had trusted her longtime friend’s advice to buy land and build a villa so she would stay at her own private while visiting Bali. So, she would be able to get some income if she monetizes the villa while she away.
Mrs. Mat liked the advice and decided to use this long-time friend’s name to hold the land title – as also advised by the Notary at that time.
Mrs. Mat has few Indonesian fellow that she can trust, apparently this one was an exception.
From the Villa’s staff, she then found out that this longtime friend has borrow some money to a Loan Shark and used the land (plus the villa above it) as collateral. As you may aware, this kind of loan will multiply your debt within a second, and as predicted, this longtime friend could not be able to pay it back which then make the land certificate’s title transferred to the Loan Shark.
Long story short, pursued her rights to the court and after the long await the court granted her demand to get compensation no less than 12 Billion IDR.



The main key in Mrs. Mat’s case was the agreement between her longtime friend and the Loan Shark plus strong witnesses who support the fact. Gather anything that related to the case include but not limited to documents, friends, correspondences and let your attorney see loophole in your case.

Mr. Blue

Mr. Blue interested in buying a villa for his retirement in South Bali.
Apparently, after making 90% payment and check the project, he found out that his villa is almost finished but not the common area. Unfortunately, the common area was the most part of the project that made him make the decision to buy the villa at the first place. It just fit his retirement, taking tennis course, relaxing after the sunrise/sunset, or having casual dinner with fellow friends, but only small progress happened on this.
Felt disappointment with this, Mr. Blue asked the developer to refund his money.
After an intense negotiation, the developer agreed to refund the money even though actually nothing in their agreement impose that obligation to the company.


Making legal commitment with someone who has integrity ease almost everything.

Mr. Jon

Mr. Jon and his friends has put some money as an investment to an Indonesian who wish to build an affordable homestay. The relationship ran perfectly for couple years where they always get periodic return of investment on time as agreed until one day they heard nothing from the homestay.
Few months without any update, the investors who living abroad then got news a-three-star hotel already erected on the land.
A meeting held, the owner somehow successfully to manage all the investor signed new agreement regarding the compensation. The investor did not aware when they sign this agreement, that the previous agreement specified bigger compensation than the new one.
Apparently, the owner still tried to cheat even on the new agreement that made the investor take the case to the court. Unfortunately, the court only grant the investors’ demand based on the new agreement rather than the old on.


Do not take any legal action without consult with your lawyer. Make sure you make the right move.

Mr. Steve

Mr. Steve bought a villa from his friend. He trusted that the transaction will goes smoothly since he is not making deal with a stranger. Right before made the 10% remaining payment, his friend reluctant to sign any agreement to transfer the title without any specific reason.
Mr. Steve then took this to the court which then a fact seen before the court that the villa is under the friend wife’s name. Luckily, they do not have any prenuptial agreement so Mr. Steve still can get his money back.


Conduct a proper legal due diligent before you buy a property. Anyone can be your potential opponent not to mention friend, spouse, in-law, or even your own sibling.

Mr. Sims

Mr. Sims lent some money to his fellow from his hometown in UK who runs a small coffee shop in South Bali, Mr. Hel. Mr. Hel put his land in remote area as collateral to convince Mr. Sims and they signed a one-page-agreement to rule it. Rainy day comes and Mr. Hel can’t pay his debts moreover he passed away after giving the land certificate to Mr. Sims.
Mr. Sims then realize that the land is under an Indonesian name which also their friends. After discussed with a Notary, the land would not be transferred but they sign a nominee agreement which stating a not-so-true-story.
After few years without any update, Mr. Sims suddenly got news from this friend that the Notary agreements has been cancelled and the land should be returned to him. Shocked with the news, Mr. Sims tried to find the current situation and fix it.
After a saga, Mr. Sims had to loss his battle in the court but the land certificates saved him since he never surrendered it to nobody. At the end, Mr. Sims received not-so-bad compensation.


Keep important papers with you and use it as bargaining tools.

Mr. Collin

Mr. Collin left his Indonesian wife ten years ago after finding her cheated. He never bothered to file any divorce until he found out that he just too lonely and needs someone besides him, so divorce should be taken place first.
His wife in shocked once she received the divorce accusation thinking that she might lose her Permanent Resident’s status and any other benefits that she received for years, not to mention losing join assets that secured in her name.
As a revenge, the wife demanded things that never been demanded previously in her counter claim, the past 10 years living expenses.
Mr. Collin apparently freely to waive the living expenses demand since he still doing his responsibility, bear the education expenses for their three kids.

Never neglected your obligations even the current situation may not in your favor, after all.
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