What Do Corporate Lawyers Do

In an Inc. article, C. Erik Gustafson, who oversees more than 300 attorneys at his firm, once admitted that businesses could go far with a lawyer—but that is a great deal of time away from running your business. Managing a business itself is already challenging; do you want to have the additional stress?

Having a corporate lawyer di Bali is an enormous advantage when starting and running a business in Indonesia.

While you’re busy accomplishing everything on your to-do list, like meeting suppliers or planning marketing strategies, they focus on the company’s activities, operations, and validity, which includes:

  • Handling legal transactions for the business
  • Providing legal counsel
  • Assisting businesses with their structures and ventures
  • Finding and coordinating with specialist lawyers

Forming, Dissolving, Governing, and Operating a Corporation

A corporation is a legal entity or “legal person” that is distinct from its owners. They’re formed by a group who have the same goal, but the goal is not always about profit.

Additionally, an important thing to note is that corporations have limited liability, which means their owners are not personally responsible for the company’s debts.

Legally, corporations have the same rights and responsibilities as individuals, such as:

  • Entering new contracts
  • Loaning and borrowing money
  • Filing a case as well as getting sued
  • Hiring new employees
  • Owning company assets
  • Paying taxes

Corporate lawyers in Bali assist their clients in forming or dissolving these corporations. They will:

  • Draft documents that specify the company’s internal administration
  • Decide which type of company is most suitable for you

After forming the corporation, having a lawyer is still beneficial since they can offer legal counsel in managing your business. This may include drafting and reviewing employment contracts as well as assessing the lease for a rented workspace.

Mergers and Acquisitions

A merger occurs when two or more companies combine to form a new entity. When this happens, there is much legal work involved, especially since the stocks of both companies are surrendered.

When a company purchases or fuses with another business, a Bali business lawyer’s job is to:

  • Provide counsel in the transition
  • Identify pitfalls
  • Do due diligence by thoroughly assessing the new company’s financial and legal standing, assets, and more.

Once this evaluation is done, our business lawyers in Bali present what they find out to our clients and bring up any issues that need to be resolved or can cause problems in the future.

During negotiation, clients can say who is responsible for specific liabilities to be included in the official agreement document.

Venture Capital

Hire a commercial lawyer in Bali specializing in venture capital if you are specifically looking for a lawyer who will provide counsel on daily operations. The goal is to find and iron out bumps instead of protecting clients from issues and hidden agendas.

These lawyers with specialties are also capable of financing and M&S. However, their focus will be on expanding the business.

Their expertise will be used to build and grow the company through licensing technology, organization of existing business operations, and maintenance of current structures that work.

Project Financing

Company projects require a ton of resources and the cooperation of different entities. If these projects are not planned and executed correctly, there is a big risk of delay or other serious consequences.

Having a lawyer will help increase the chances of a successful venture since they will assist you in navigating this process with more ease and less stress by:

  • Composing agreements between all parties involved
  • Negotiating with investors and lenders

Finding a Reliable Corporate Lawyer

When you’re looking for a lawyer for your business in Indonesia, you want someone who has a cross-cultural understanding and expertise in the Indonesian legal system.

Yuri Law Firm corporate lawyers are all of these and more. Using our knowledge and experience, we anticipate and resolve the challenges your business may face. Contact us today to inquire or schedule a consultation.

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Ni Luh Yunaelis, SH

Member of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). The alumnae of the Faculty of Law, Udayana University, Bali, previously joined Vidhi Law Office as a Junior Advocate (2014-2016). She started her first carrier as an Advocate Assistant at Austrindo Law Office (ALO) in 2010. During her time at the lawyer’s office, Yuna learned directly from Austrindo’s founder , a lawyer who was an Australian citizen. Not only learning aspects of Indonesian law, but also the work ethic that is adopted at work.
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