Tips for Choosing a Trustworthy Lawyer

Tips on Choosing a Lawyer

Finding a lawyer to share a legal issue that you are facing with is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, not to mention if you panic and feel like you don’t have a good grasp of the problem that is happening to you. The following are some tips for choosing a lawyer which you can use as a guide in making judgment when you first meet a lawyer.

  1. The lawyer takes notes or at least has his/her assistant take notes of what is discussed in the meeting, particularly the account of the problem that you are facing, so that you won’t have to repeat your story every time you meet him/her. It would be nice if you also have your own chronological record and also bring related documents, if any, so that the lawyer can: look at them and then analyze your problem based on these documents, make small notes or ask questions related to your problem, and then provide legal advice on your problem.
  2. The lawyer makes an effort to identify the goal that you want to achieve. A goal will determine what specific legal measures and strategies should be taken.
  3. The lawyer can handle criticism well. With so much information available in this Internet age, it is highly possible that a client would already have the relevant information and knowledge when meeting a lawyer. When the information that the client has differs from the lawyer’s opinion or advice, miscommunication will most likely occur. A good lawyer should be able to take such feedback as, “That is not what I read on the Internet,” and respond to it wisely.
  4. The lawyer offers a transparent, detailed, and simple explanation of the available legal options that can be taken and also provides the client with the information about the details of the stages to go through in the legal action that he or she chooses to pursue.
  5. The lawyer makes the client feel comfortable so that good and smooth communication between the client and the lawyer can be well-established for the progress of the problem-solving process.
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Ni Luh Yunaelis, SH

Member of Indonesian Advocates Association (PERADI). The alumnae of the Faculty of Law, Udayana University, Bali, previously joined Vidhi Law Office as a Junior Advocate (2014-2016). She started her first carrier as an Advocate Assistant at Austrindo Law Office (ALO) in 2010. During her time at the lawyer’s office, Yuna learned directly from Austrindo’s founder , a lawyer who was an Australian citizen. Not only learning aspects of Indonesian law, but also the work ethic that is adopted at work.
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