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Having A Legal Issue Means There is Only A Limited Amount of Time To Take Action
Being involved in a legal case or transaction is like jumping free from 10,000 feet.
Getting engaged in any legal transaction can drag you further than you could imagine before. But to get a trustable source being at your side can be a tougher task to do, apparently like a needle in a haystack. What we can offer is a straight service with real integrity, to help those in need of hands to deal with the Indonesian legal system. Make sure to get yourself a proper parachute before jumping free into a legal case: talk to us and see how far we can take you before engaging in our services.

Law Fields

Family Law

Body of law which regulating family relationship, including marriage and divorce, child welfare, and other family matters.

Commercial Law

Allocate the risk by making sure every risk is recognized and managed in your legal transaction. From drafting/reviewing contracts to legal due diligence, from property settlement to employment matters.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

Life involves taking risks. Your choice of litigation and dispute resolution lawyers should not.


Prevention is always better than cure, this is not only about your health but also your legal transaction. Tax Planning is only one of them. We collaborate with other experienced persons such as Tax Planner, Independent Certifier, or Document Server, just name a few.


We are all ears

We believe that the root of every case settlement is the client’s aim in resolving their problem. We have our time to listen, inform, advocate, and give the best advice to achieve the best possible result for your case.


Trust is good but we believe control is better, that is why we are open to communicate with you regularly, you will be able to rest and less worry.


Everything stated in up-front, so there is no surprise cost.

Success Story

  • Mrs. Mat has trusted a local person to hold her asset in Indonesia until this nominee use it as a collateral over a Loan Shark. After pursuing her rights to the court over her property that has been hijacked by her nominee, Mrs. Mat got the court granted her demand to get compensation no less than 12 Billion IDR.

    KEY! The main key in Mrs. Mat’s case was the agreement between her nominee and the Loan Shark plus strong witnesses who support the fact. Gather anything that related to the case include but not limited to documents, friends, corespondences and let your attorney see loophole in your case

  • Mr. Steve bought a villa from his friend. He trust that the transaction will goes smoothly since he is not making deal with a stranger. Right before made the 10% remaining payment, his friend reluctant to sign any agreement to transfer the title without any spesific reason.

    KEY! Conduct a proper legal due diligent before you buy a property. Anyone can be your potential opponent not to mention friend, spouse, in-law, or even your own sibling.

  • After a saga, Mr. Sims has to loss his battle in the court against his nominee but the land certificates saved him since he never surrender it to nobody. At the end Mr. Sims received not-so-bad compensation.

    KEY! Keep important papers with you and use it as bargaining tools.

Blog & Articles

Finding a lawyer to share a legal issue that you are facing with is a bit like finding a needle in a haystack, not to mention if you panic and feel like you don’t have a good grasp of the problem that is happening to you. The following are some tips for choosing a lawyer which you can use as a guide in making judgment when you first meet a lawyer.
There are several Korean drama series that have become a popular topic of conversation on the Internet lately. After the World of the Married Couple series, there is the Start-Up series that just ended a few weeks ago. This series tells of a group of young people who are starting a business with the help of an accelerator. This drama bears a lot of familiarity with the situation in recent years.
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